the Kopra Exhibition at Top of Shanghai



On 1st of July, the Kopra Exhibition at Top of Shanghai was displayed in the sightseeing Hall on the 119th floor in Shanghai Tower. At a height of 632 meters in a modern city, Kopra, a cultural and creative works based on Kunqu revived the charm of Kunqu art with a history of 6 centuries. The exhibition has three exhibition areas and enables the audience to directly interact with Kopra figures through high-tech multi-media means like phantom imaging. The exhibition will last until 31st August.

Kopra is a 3D animation based on Kunqu. It is created by a team led by a Taiwanese cartoonist, Lin Zhende. The animation illustrates the story of a talented girl fenfen who joins the kunqu class and finally manages to perform kunqu on the stage with her friends.


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