Kunshan Actively Introduces International Educational Resources

On 20th March, Chen Chenyang and Li Hui, municipal leaders of Kunshan, met Penny Townsend, Principal of American Latham School, one of the candidate schools to be introduced by Kunshan Affiliated No.2 Middle School of Shanghai East China Normal University (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Huaer Kunshan School).

In last August, KETD, Dipont Education Group and East China Normal University signed to jointly establish Shanghai Huaer Kunshan School. According to Zhang Bowen, Chairman of Dipont Education Group, the new school will be located in the west of Qiantang River Road and north of Penglang Road in KETD. And the school is scheduled to commence construction in this July, internationally launch recruitment of the Principal and management team by the end of this September, launch recruitment of Chinese and foreign teachers by the end of this December, complete the main buildings by next October, and be open by September in 2020.

The three parties join hands together and aim to establish Shanghai Huer Kunshan School into an international school that integrates China and American Educational philosophies. To that end, Dipont is actively introducing international educational resources into the school management. In that process, Latham School as a prestigious high school in America is likely to be a partner of Shanghai Huaer Kunshan School.

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