ICDT 2019 Held in Kunshan

The development of display technology refreshes people’s vision experience, changes their life, and nurtures new economic growth area. On March 27, the four-day International Conference on Display Technology (ICDT), which was sponsored by Visionox and SID China, opened in Kunshan. Experts and scholars from the world’s display field had in-depth exchanges on 17 themes involving eight information display topics.

Bian Shuguang, Deputy Director General of the High-tech Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of the People’s Republic of China, noted, display technology is an important component of information technology, with a large industrial scale and a strong driving force for economic development. Display technology and products are rapidly developing towards flexibility, easiness to carry, low cost, high photosynthetic efficiency, and high definition. The MOST will constitute an institution integrating the government, industries, universities, research institutes, the economic circle, and enterprises in the display field, and build an open and inclusive national innovation platform featured with shared benefits and risks. Kunshan, a fertile land for developing the new type of display industry, boasts an improved industrial environment. That talents in the display industry are gathered in the city will surely bring about more and newer technological results, which are conducive to the development of global display technology and industry.

One of the sponsors of the conference, Visionox, relying on Tsinghua University’s research capacity and technology, finished building the mainland’s first large-scale production line for PMOLED in Kunshan in 2008. It is a major rule maker of the international standards and the national standards for OLED. The AMOLED project will be built in two phases. The first phase, with an investment of 2.6 billion yuan and a production capacity of 15,000 pieces/ month, has been put into operation.

On the same day, the Display Technology Expo was also held, with participation of 30-odd enterprises, including Tianma, Hisense, and Visionox. The expo had such world’s leading display technology, products and manufacturing equipment as holographic display, stretchable display, glasses-free 3D, flexible display, laser display, and augmented reality on display, which has inspired people’s deliberation and imagination on innovative development and application of display technology in future.

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