The Chinese Opera Gala (Kunshan) 2019 kicks off


The Chinese Opera Gala (Kunshan) 2019 was launched on July 21. The 38-day event features renowned opera artists from famous Chinese troupes, offering a real feast with the most opera genres.  The gala serves not only as a showcase for the special charm of this art form, but also as a testament to the sense of responsibility that Kunshan has as the birthplace of Kunqu Opera.

Last year’s gala witnessed 78 performance sessions involving 156 classical operas and operative excerpts from 120 genres, including Peking opera, Kunqu opera, and Ping opera, in 43 days. As a result, the Chinese opera community generated a keen interest in watching performances and discussing the inheritance of the classics for better development. 

With 118 performances presenting 112 genres from 20 provinces, the gala this year is just as exceptional as the previous one, if not more. Highlights include Dowager SHE Takes Command (Yangju opera), The Legend of the White Snake (Wuju opera), and Fairy Jade (Huangmei opera), all of which will be performed by a star-studded cast, with both national Class-A performers and up-and-coming young actors. 

Affordable prices, ranging from 20 to 80 yuan, are set in an effort to make the cultural feast accessible to all. Weekly tickets, all-in tickets and group tickets are all available for further discounts.



Box offices:


1. Kunshan Culture and Art Center Box Office

Address: No.1850, Qianjin Road (W), Kunshan

Tel: 0512-55135111/55135222


2. Kunshan Contemporary Kunqu Opera Theatre

Address: the second floor, No. 321, Qianjin Road (M), Kunshan

Tel: 0512-57925066-61208/18020201621


Opening hours: 09:00 – 17:00 (Mon.—Fri.)



Booking online: 

1.     Kunshan Culture and Art Center


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2. Kunshan Contemporary Kunqu Opera Theater Ticketing Platform


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