Service Measures of Kunshan Municipal People's Government on Supporting the Development of Enterprises in Response to the Impact of the Pneumonia Epidemic Caused by the Novel Coronavirus (ENG & JPN)

Administrative Committees of Kunshan Economical & Technological Development Zone, Kunshan New and High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Huaqiao Economic Development Zone and Kunshan Tourism Resort Zone, town people's governments, city management offices, municipal committees, offices and bureaus, and subordinate units:

To thoroughly implement the spirit of important instructions of the General Secretary Xi Jinping on resolutely winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control, and put the national, provincial, and Suzhou city's decisions and arrangements for epidemic prevention and control into practice from all aspects, service measures including supporting the resumption of production and employment with all efforts, strengthening the guarantee for transportation, ensuring the operation of the industrial service chain and optimizing the investment promotion and protection services are specially developed to provide accurate services for enterprises to fight against the epidemic, unblock the enterprise service chain, coordinate and solve various problems found during the resumption of work, production, and operation of key enterprises, and consequently maintain sustainable and stable economic development while enhancing the epidemic prevent and control work.

I. Supporting the resumption of production and employment with all efforts

1. Encourage employees to return quickly. In accordance with the principle of "Whoever employs shall manage and be responsible", enterprises are encouraged to stabilize their existing staff team, and orderly organize employees in Kunshan and in areas outside the hard-hit area to return to work as soon as possible. All districts and towns of Kunshan will give certain rewards to enterprises that have resumed work and production quickly with employees safely and orderly in place (Kunshan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, all districts and towns of Kunshan).

2. Build an online employment platform. Open an "Online direct recruitment platform", and set up a recruitment area for work resumption on the Kunshan Talent Network ( and allow convenient online registration for job seekers, so that the human resources supply and demand are effectively connected. Establish a "Human resources regulation platform" to mobilize human resource service agencies, industry associations, chambers of commerce and other social organizations and various enterprises to regulate the human resources supply and demand (Kunshan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Kunshan Human Resources Market).

3. Motivate human resource institutions. Provincial and municipal high-integrity and backbone human resource service enterprises as well as high-quality members of industry associations will be given priority in filing and resumption of work. They are encouraged to communicate with labor service cooperation bases, industry-education integration colleges and human resource service agencies inside and outside the province to accelerate the development of the human resource market and build a ladder-shaped "employee pool". If a human resource service agency successfully introduces a worker to a key leading enterprise for employment, and the worker signs a labor contract with the enterprise and pays the social insurance for two months, the human resource service agency will be given a job introduction subsidy of RMB 1,000/ person. The human resource service agencies that have introduced more than 1,000 workers and implemented the epidemic prevention and control requirements will be rewarded according to their contributions (Kunshan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Kunshan Human Resources Market, all districts and towns of Kunshan).

4. Flexibly adjust the work breaks. Relax the examination and approval of the "System for comprehensive calculation of working hours", carry out the notification commitment, shorten the processing period, and allow enterprises to use the rest days of the year after being approved. Develop operation rules, strengthen publicity and policy interpretation services and accelerate the implementation of policies to help enterprises stabilize their jobs such as deferring the payment of social insurance premiums and refunding the unemployment insurance (Kunshan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau).

5. Organize special training for epidemic prevention. For enterprises necessary for the operation of public utilities, the epidemic prevention and control and the lives of the masses as well as important enterprises related to national economy and people's livelihood, enterprises of occupational skill level certification or corporate internal cultivation, evaluation and filing, Suzhou municipal or above high-integrity backbone human resource service enterprises, and approved important enterprises, a training subsidy of RMB 300 per qualified insured employees will be given if these enterprises organize training on epidemic prevention and safety project systems (Kunshan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, all districts and towns of Kunshan).

II. Strengthening the guarantee for transportation

6. Quickly let the freight vehicles pass. Transport vehicle passes are issued to the enterprises resuming work, and the vehicle can be directly released if the information of the vehicle, driver and driver's license is consistent and the temperature of persons in the vehicle is normal; persons and vehicle from areas outside the hard-hit area can be directly released if the body temperature is normal; if persons or vehicle are from the hard-hit area, the enterprise shall send a staff to pick up at the check point, ensuring no one gets off the vehicle, or gets in contact with others and no stranding (Kunshan Transportation Bureau, Kunshan Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Kunshan Public Security Bureau).

7. Open special buses and trains for passenger transportation. The "Docking platform for transportation of corporate returners" will be opened to encourage enterprises resuming work to organize employees in areas outside the hard-hit area to return by batches in a reasonable and orderly manner, under the premise of strictly implementing the inspection, quarantine and other prevention and control measures. A transportation guarantee team will be established to provide "point-to-point, one-stop" chartered transportation service, and special trains will be arranged to provinces and cities with relatively stable epidemic situation and with concentrated personnel employed in Kunshan, to increase the return rate of employees. The bus operation service time and frequency will be adjusted and taxis dispatched according to the passenger flow at various railway and bus passenger stations to ensure the evacuation and transportation of passengers. Vehicles will be inspected first in accordance with the relevant inspection regulations of Kunshan when they pass the checkpoint to Kunshan. Returners from the hard-hit area, if the body temperature is normal, will be quarantined by the enterprises resuming work in accordance with relevant quarantine requirements (Kunshan Transportation Bureau, Kunshan Public Security Bureau, Kunshan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Kunshan Health Commission, Kunshan Transportation Development Holding Group, all districts and towns of Kunshan).

8. Enhance the guarantee for commuting. Kunshan will gradually adjust the bus line operation according to the passenger flow at the bus stations to ensure an average daily passenger flow of about 300,000, basically resuming the normal bus operations. For enterprises that have resumed work and require public transport guarantee, the districts and towns shall apply, and the corresponding bus lines can be resumed or intensified in advance accordingly. Kunshan will guarantee good commuting by factory chartered buses, and announce the list of enterprises with factory chartered buses and the record management process will be simplified (Kunshan Transportation Bureau, Kunshan Transportation Development Holding Group, all districts and towns of Kunshan).

9. Speed up the resumption of express delivery services and logistics. Orderly organize express delivery and logistics enterprises to resume operations on the premise that various measures for epidemic prevention and control are in place. Supervise postal express enterprises to prepare protective articles, complete the disinfection at the workplaces and outlets and monitor employees' body temperature daily. Strengthen the prevention and control management of special delivery teams, organize these teams based on the model of "A fixed person for a fixed area (community, administrative village)”, and encourage "Contactless distribution" through postal express lockers (Kunshan Transportation Bureau, Kunshan Postal Service Administration, all districts and towns of Kunshan).

III. Ensuring the operation of the industrial service chain

10. Promote the rapid recovery of the industrial chain. Have an overall grasp of the details of the industrial chain of key enterprises and conduct a thorough survey on related conditions of supporting manufacturers so that the districts and towns can prioritize the resumption of work and production of the enterprises in the list. Strengthen follow-up analysis and judgment, know the uncertain factors and potential problems in the development of industrial chain enterprises in time, optimize and improve the policies supporting the development of enterprises in due time. Enhance the coordination and cooperation between cross-regional industrial chain enterprises to promote the resumption of work and production throughout the industry chain (Kunshan Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Kunshan Development and Reform Commission, Kunshan Commerce Bureau, all districts and towns of Kunshan).

11. Improve the technical transformation level of enterprises. Encourage enterprises with a shortage of employees to use the Internet platform services, accelerate the application deployment of 5G and industrial Internet, and guide eligible enterprises to realize intelligent transformation and upgrading. Support enterprise technology centers at all levels and small giant enterprises featured by "Expertise, precision, specialty, and innovation" to achieve technological breakthrough and production innovation in testing technology, drug vaccines, medical devices, protective equipment, etc. Encourage talented science and technology innovation enterprises and private enterprises to seize the opportunity when key enterprises are making adjustments of their industrial chain layout, and accelerate the catching-up of key core parts & components and equipment to realize the replacement with local enterprises (Kunshan Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Kunshan Science and Technology Bureau, all districts and towns of Kunshan).

12. Satisfy the need for epidemic prevention materials. Help enterprises to implement epidemic prevention safety measures, keep abreast of the enterprises’ need of epidemic prevention materials in resuming work and production, and actively assist enterprises in purchasing necessary protective materials such as masks, disinfectants and protective gloves (Kunshan Commerce Bureau, Kunshan Development and Reform Commission, Kunshan Industry and Information Technology Bureau, all districts and towns of Kunshan).

13. Improve the business service chain. Orderly organize a group of collective catering delivery enterprises to resume operations, to provide catering services to enterprises that have resumed work and production on the premise that various measures for epidemic prevention and control are in place. Provide necessary medical testing services to employees of enterprises resuming work and production and guide these enterprises to implement epidemic prevention measures such as environmental disinfection to ensure the safety. Organize environmental protection enterprises to accelerate their resumption on the basis of ensuring epidemic prevention and control, and provide solid waste, hazardous waste and other disposal services to enterprises that have resumed work and production (Kunshan Commerce Bureau, Kunshan Health Commission, Kunshan Market Supervision and Management Bureau, Kunshan Ecology and Environment Bureau, all districts and towns of Kunshan). 

14. Implement daily life support services. Strengthen the guarantee for the supply of important livelihood commodities, and promote the orderly resumption of work of commercial and trade enterprises according to the epidemic prevention and control conditions, ensuring that the market supply of important livelihood commodities such as grains, oil, meat, eggs, milk, vegetables, and refined oil products is continuous and stable and that the basic living and emergency response needs of enterprise employees are met (Kunshan Commerce Bureau, Kunshan Development and Reform Commission, Kunshan Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau, all districts and towns of Kunshan).

IV. Optimizing the investment promotion and protection services

15. Enhance the investment protection services. Accurately serve a number of projects under negotiation, under construction and in production, implement the city leader linking system, "215" action of the government commissioners in investment promotion and protection, and establish a working mechanism of hierarchical services to ensure "Point-to-point" personalized services to key enterprises, and strive to achieve "Five guarantees and five defenses". Strengthen the application of telephone, WeChat and other means of communication, and open "Hushangtong", a special channel of corporate services to build a non-face-to-face, convenient and real-time problem reflecting platform. Make full use of the mechanism of the investment promotion and protection leading group to address the difficult and common problems, and hold meetings and conferences more frequently to efficiently respond to corporate demands and help solve practical difficulties (Kunshan Commerce Bureau, all member units of Kunshan Investment Promotion and Protection Leading Group, all districts and towns of Kunshan).

16. Implement special support policies. Put the Policies Issued by Kunshan Municipal People's Government on Supporting SMEs to Deal with Difficulties Brought by Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (KZF [2020] No. 3) into practice, and give special support to enterprises affected by the epidemic and encountering difficulties in production and operation. Implement Suzhou's policy of opening and re-starting, optimize Kunshan's industrial policy system to further improve the pertinence, effectiveness and use efficiency of the policies, and appropriately weigh relevant support measures, policies and funds towards enterprises obviously affected by the outbreak (Kunshan Finance Bureau, Kunshan Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Kunshan Finance Work Office, Kunshan 

Development and Reform Commission, Kunshan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Kunshan Science and Technology Bureau, Kunshan State-owned Assets Management Office, Kunshan Commerce Bureau, state-owned enterprises, and all districts and towns of Kunshan). 

17. Speed up the construction of major projects. Launch a new version of the Investment Guide and an investment promotion WeChat account, draw a heat map for investment and cooperation in Kunshan, make full use of telephone, WeChat, email, online video and other means to maintain close communication with investors, dynamically track the progress of the projects, know the constraints for project landing in time, and coordinate various resources to accelerate the progress and promote the successful landing of a number of major projects. List a number of major projects with mature conditions that are proposed to be started and promote the progress so that they can be started early, completed early and deliver results early (Kunshan Commerce Bureau, Kunshan Development and Reform Commission, Kunshan Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, all districts and towns of Kunshan).

18. Stabilize the development of key enterprises. Adhering to the "stability" and focusing on key economic indicators such as industrial output value, tax revenue, foreign investment in actual use and total volume of foreign trade, Kunshan will conduct a thorough survey of the key enterprises and pay close attention to the impact and effect of the epidemic on enterprises to increase precision services, actively help enterprises solve difficulties, promote stable and orderly economic operation, and strive to achieve the economic and social development goals of the year (Kunshan Development and Reform Commission, Kunshan Finance Bureau, Kunshan Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Kunshan Commerce Bureau, Kunshan Statistics Bureau, Kunshan Tax Bureau, all districts and towns of Kunshan).

19. Increase the support for international trade of enterprises. Carry out an in-depth analysis of the impact of PHEIC on the foreign trade of Kunshan, actively coordinate resources and provide services to help foreign trade enterprises remove the international trade restrictions caused by the epidemic, and issue a certificate of force majeure in time in response to the possible delay in delivery based on the different commodity inspection and quarantine standards in different countries. Pay more attention to the key foreign trade enterprises and spare no effort to assist them in stabilizing orders in hand and restoring production capacity as soon as possible. Set up special windows and green channels for customs clearance of imported prevention and control materials to realize rapid customs clearance. Speed up the tax refund (exemption) process for export goods. (Kunshan Commerce Bureau, Kunshan Tax Bureau, Kunshan Customs, all districts and towns of Kunshan).

20. Improve the government affairs service level. Further improve the efficiency of "Approval (services) without meeting", strengthen remote project approval services, and do a good job in the services throughout project approval, commencement and operation. Establish a hierarchical commissioned agency service mechanism for key projects to provide free agency services throughout the process. Improve the work process mainly based on "Online handling" and supplemented by "Reservation handling", open online consultation service, evaluate and review projects by means of network and video, and use online declaration, post, etc. to submit application materials and deliver results (Kunshan Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau, Kunshan Development and Reform Commission, Kunshan Commerce Bureau, Kunshan Market Supervision and Management Bureau, Kunshan Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, Kunshan Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau and other related functional departments, all districts and towns of Kunshan). 

This document shall be implemented from the release date and its termination date shall be determined separately. Kunshan shall perform relevant supporting policies issued by the State, Jiangsu Province and Suzhou City. Kunshan Bureau of Commerce and the related departments shall be responsible for the interpretation of the document. 

             Kunshan Municipal People's Government

February 17, 2020






1. 労働者が速やかに職場復帰するように激励する。「雇用側が管理して責任を負う」という原則に従い、企業が在職社員を安定させ、昆山にいる労働者および在昆社員及び感染防止抑制重点地区以外の社員を早急に秩序をよく職場復帰出来た企業に程度の報償を与える。各区・鎮は、職場復帰・生産再開を速やかに推進し、労働者が安全且つ順次に職場復帰を出来た企業に対してある程度の奨励を与える。(市人的資源社会保障局、各区・鎮)

2. オンライン採用プラットフォームを設ける。「オンライン求人直通プラットフォーム」を開設し、昆山人才サイト(において操業再開企業向けの求人ページを設け、求職者向けのポータブル登記機能を開発し、人的資源の需要と供給を有効的運携を確保する。「人的資源調整プラットフォーム」を設けし、人的資源サービス機構、業界協会、商会等の社会組織及び各企業を動員し、人的資源の過不足を調整する。(市人的資源社会保障局、昆山人的資源市場)

3. 人的資源機関の活力を引き出す。省・市レベルの誠実信用・中堅人的資源サービス企業および業界協会の上位会員機構に対して優先的に登録・操業再開を認める。上記機関が省内外労務提携基地、産学融合高等教育機関、人的資源サービス機構と交流・連絡することを激励する。人的資源市場の開拓を速やかに推進し、順次に「労働者プール」を設ける。人的資源サービス機構の斡旋により労働者が重点的主導型企業への就職が出来、労働契約を締結し、社会保険を2ヶ月以上納付した場合、1000元/人の基準で、人的資源サービス機構に職業斡旋補助金を支給する。1000人以上の労働者を導入し、また感染防止、抑制要求に従い、雇用確保の実績に優れた人的資源サービス機構に対してある程度の奨励を与える。(市人的資源社会保障局、昆山人的資源市場、各区・鎮)

4. 勤務・休憩時間には融通が利くように調整する。「勤務時間総合計算労働制」への審査を緩和し、告知・承諾を実行し、事務処理期間を短縮させ、承認の上、企業が本年度の年間休日を活用することを許可する。作業細則を作成し、宣伝と政策解読サービスを強化し、社会保険料納付延期、失業保険返還等の企業支援・職場安定化政策の実行を速やかに推進する。(市人的資源社会保障局)

5. 感染防止・抑制の特定訓練に取り組む。「3必須・1重要」企業、職業技能等級認定或いは企業内育成評価登録済み企業、蘇州市級以上の誠実信用・中堅人的資源サービス企業、認定済みの重点的企業が感染防止と安全プロジェクト制のトレーニングを行い、トレーニングに合格した保険加入労働者に300元/人の基準で、トレーニング補助金を与える。(市人的資源社会保障局、各区・鎮)


6. 貨物運送の快速通行を確保する。操業企業に対して審査の上、運送車通行証を発行し、通行証を保有する車両の「人・車・証」の一致性を確保し、運転手・護送者の体温測定結果は異常がなければ、そのまま通行を許可する。重点感染地区以外の人、車辆、体温、測定なければ、そのまま通行を許可する。重点的感染地域からの運輸車或いは人員に関わる場合、企業は専任者を交通ゲートでの派遣し、荷物の引き続きを行う。必ず全過程人が車から降ろさず、接触せず、滞留しないように確保する。(市交通局、工信局、公安局)

7. 旅客輸送専用車・特別列車を運行する。「企業の職場復帰の輸送需要ドッキングプラットフォーム」を開設し、生産再開企業が厳しく検査及び・隔離等の感染防止・抑制措置を徹底する前提で、合理的秩序よく、非感染防止・抑制重点地区の労働者を順次に職場復帰を手配をすることを支持する。輸送の安全確保チームを作り、「ポイント・ツー・ポイント、ワンストップ式」チャーターバスを手配し、疫病現状の比較的安定している昆山へ就業に来る労働者の職場復帰率を高める。各鉄道駅、旅客輸送ステーションの客流に合わして、バス運営サービスの時間、運行便数を調整し、タクシーを調整分配し、旅客分散輸送を確保する。車両が交通ゲートを通って昆山に入る前、昆山の関連検査規定に基き、優先的に検査を受ける。感染防止・抑制重点地区よりきた人に対して、体温測定結果に異常がなければ、操業再開企業に隔離管理責任を持たせる。市交通局、公安局、人的資源社会保障局、衛生健康委員会、交通発展グループ、各区・鎮) 

8. 通勤確保を強化する。バスの輸送量に応じて徐々にバス路線の運営を調整し、1日当たりの平均輸送量を30万人程度に達すると、ほぼ正常運営を回復する。操業再開した企業がバスを利用する必要がある場合、区・鎮から申請を提出し、実状に応じて運管再開を早まるまたはバス運営便数を増えすことを認める。企業チャーターバス手配確保のため、企業向けチャーターバス運営資格持つ輸送屋名簿を公布し、登録管理流れを便利化する。(市交通局、交通発展グループ、各区・鎮)

9. 宅配物流業の運営再開を加速する。感染防止・抑制の各措置が徹底されている前提で、順次に宅配物流企業の営業再開を順次に推進する。郵政・宅配企業が関連防護用品を用意し、作業場所・拠点の消毒と従業者の体温の日常測定を徹底するように督促する。配達専門チーム向けの感染防止・抑制管理を強化し、「固定地域(コミュニティ、行政村)・固定人員」のモードで、配達専門チームを立ち上げ、スマート宅配受取キャビネットを利用し「非接触式配達」サービス開始を激励する。(市交通局、昆山郵政管理局、各区・鎮)


10. 産業チェーンの早期操業再開を推進する。全面的に主要企業の産業チェーンの詳細を把握し、協力工場の実状を逐一確認する。各区・鎮は、名簿にある企業の操業再開を優先的に処理を与える。フォローアップ・分析・判断を強化し、産業チェーン企業の発展における不確実な要因と潜在的な問題をタイムリーに把握し、適時に企業発展サポート政策を最適化・完備する。地域横断的な産業チェーン企業に対して、協力及び調整することを大幅に強化する、産業チェーン全体の操業再開を推進する。(市工信局、発展改革委員会、商務局、各区・鎮)

11. 企業の技術革新レベルを高める。人手不足している企業にインターネット・プラットフォームサービスを奨励し、5Gとインダストリアル・インターネットの応用・展開を加速させ、基礎あり・条件ありの整っている企業がインテリジェント化への改造を指導する。各レベル企業の技術センターと「専業化、高精度化、特有化、イノベーション化」中小企業が検出技術、医薬品やワクチン、医療機器、防護装備等の分野について技術難関突破及び生産革新を実施するようサポートする。人材・技術革新企業及び民間企業が主要企業の産業チェーン布陣・調整の空白期間を活用し、核心部品と設備へのベンチマーキングや追い越しを加速し、ローカル企業の入れ替えを実現するよう奨励する。(市工信局、科技局、各区・鎮)

12. 感染防止対策品のニーズに応える。企業の感染防止対策の実施に応援し、企業が操業再開に必要な感染防止対策品のニーズを把握し、企業にマスク、消毒液や防護手袋等の必要な対策品の調達に協力する。(市商務局、発展改革委員会、工信局、各区・鎮)

13. 経営サービスチェーンを健全化する。感染防止・抑制の各措置が徹底されている前提の上、一部の団体向けフードデリバリー企業の営業再開を順次に推進し、操業再開企業への飲食サービスを確保する。生産再開企業の労働者に必要な医療検出サービスを提供し、企業に環境消毒等の防疫措置を徹底するように指導し、操業再開の安全性を確保する。環境保全企業が感染防止・抑制を徹底した上で、職場復帰・生産再開を加速させ、生産再開企業に対して固体廃棄物や有害廃棄物等の処理サービスを提供するように推進する。(市商務局、衛生健康委員会、市場監督管理局、生態環境局、各区・鎮)

14. 生活関連サービスを実行する。重要な民生商品の供給確保を強化し、疫病予防・抑制の各条件整えた上、商業貿易企業の職場復帰・営業再開を順次に推進し、穀物、油、肉、卵、乳、野菜、精製油等の重要な民生商品の継続的に市場へ供給、品切れしないことを確保し、企業の従業員の基本的な生活と緊急処置のニーズを応える。(市商務局、発展改革委員会、農業農村局、各区・鎮)


15. 企業保護サービスに力を入れる。一部の商談中・建設中・生産中のプロジェクトを確実に支援し、市の管理者との関連付け、企業誘致・保護の政府担当者による「215」取り組み等の制度を実行し、常駐保障やランク付けサービス体制を設け、主要企業向けの「ポイント・ツー・ポイント」特別サービスを確保し、全力で「五保五防」を徹底する。電話やWeChatなどの手段の活用を強化し、企業サービスの「護商チャネル」特別なチェネルを開設、面会せず、便利化・リアルタイムに問題点を反映させるプラットフォームを開設する。起こったトラブル及び共通ている問題に対して、企業誘致・保護作業のリーディングチーム体制により、会議・処理の頻度を上げ、企業要望に応じて効率よく回答し、現実に困っていることを解決するように協力する。(市商務局、企業誘致・保護リーディングチームの各メンバー企業、各区・鎮)

16. 特定支援政策を実行する。『新型コロナウイルス感染による肺炎対策について中小企業とともに難関を乗り越える件に関する政策意見』(昆政発〔2020〕3号)を実行し、新型肺炎の影響で、その生産経営が困難に陥った企業に特定支援を与える。蘇州の開放・再出発政策措置を徹底・実行し、市全体の産業政策システムを最適化し、政策の対象性、実効性と使用効率を更に高め、既存政策の許容範囲の中で、関連支援措置と政策資金を新型肺炎に大きく影響された企業へ適切に傾ける。(市財政局、工信局、金融事務室、発展改革委員会、人的資源社会保障局、科技局、国有資産事務室、商務局、各市属国有資産企業、各区・鎮)

17. 重要プロジェクトの着工・建設を速める。新版『投資ガイドライン』と企業誘致Wechat号を発売し、昆山版投資提携ヒートマップを作成し、電話、WeChat、電子メール、オンラインビデオ等の方式を十分活用して、投資家と密接にコミュニケーションを取り、プロジェクトの進行状況を追跡し、プロジェクト実行における制約要因をタイムリーに把握し、様々な要因をよく調整して速やかに推進させ、一部の重要なプロジェクトの実行を確実にやり遂げる。条件の整っている着工予定の一部の重要プロジェクトをリストアップし、その早期着工・早期竣工・早期運営を推進する。(市商務局、発展改革委員会、住宅と建設局、各区・鎮)

18. 主要企業の発展を安定化する。「安定」を最重視し、工業生産高、税収、外資の使用実績、輸出入総額等の主要経済指標をめぐり、着実に主要企業状況を徹底的に調査し、新型肺炎が企業にもたらすインパクト及び影響を厳密に追跡し、確実な支援に力を入れ、企業のトラブルを解決することに積極的に協力し、経済が安定且つ穏やかに発展するように促進し、通年の経済社会発展目標を達成するように努める。(市発展改革委員会、財政局、工信局、商務局、統計局、税務局、各区・鎮)

19. 企業国際貿易への支援を大幅に力を入れる。PHEICが本市の対外貿易に与える影響を深く分析し、納期遅れが予想されることについて、各国の様々な商品検査検疫基準により、積極的に調整を行い、よりいいサービスを提供し、対外貿易企業に新型肺炎により引き起こされる国際貿易制限の問題の解決を協力し、タイムリーに新型肺炎の不可抗力の証明書を発行する。対外貿易の主要企業への追跡・支援に力を入れ、受注済みの分を安定させ、生産能力の早期回復を全力で協力する。感染防止・抑制対策品の輸入通関専用窓口とグリーンルートを開設、迅速な通関を実現する。輸出貨物の税金還付(免税)手続きを速める。(市商務局、税務局、昆山海関、各区・鎮)

20. 政務サービスレベルを高める。「面会せず審査(サービス)」の効力を更に高め、プロジェクトのリモートセンシングによる審査サービスを強化し、プロジェクト立案・着工・生産投入の全般においてサービスを徹底する。主要プロジェクトをランク付け、委託代行サービス体制を確立し、すべて無償代行サービスを提供する。「オンライン手続き」を主とし、「手続きの予約」を次とする事務プロセスを完備させ、オンライン問い合わせサービスを設け、インターネットやビデオ等の方法でプロジェクト評価審査を徹底し、オンライン申告や郵送等の手段で申請資料の提出及び処理結果の送達を確保する。(市行政審査局、発展改革委員会、商務局、市場監督管理局、自然資源計画局、住宅と建設局等の関連職能部門、各区・鎮)




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