Hyvinkää, Finland

Hyvinkää is a town and municipality of Finland. It is part of the Uusimaa region in Southern Finland Province, approximately 50km (30 mi) north of the capital Helsinki. Covering an area of 336.76 sq km, the city has a population of 45,572 people (as of January 31, 2012), 96% of whom speak the native language of Finnish. Its low population density provides local residents with great space and intimacy with nature. Hyvinkää can be accessed by air through a small-sized local airport. The city is a 40-minute train ride or a 50-minute drive away from downtown Helsinki.

Hyvinkää started to prosper in the latter part of the 19th century, particularly after the construction of a nationwide network of railways in Finland. The Hanko-Hyvinkää Railroad, built in 1872, was the first private railroad in Finland, which was later acquired by the Finnish State Railways in 1875. The railway station of Hyvinkää is one of the few old railway stations still in use.

Hyvinkää's industry has its roots in wool processing that originated in the 19th century, as represented by the wool factory Donner Family's Hyvinge Yllespinneri that was founded in 1892. The factory ceased operation in the 1990s, but its red-brick mills still remain and are used as an exhibition center and a theatre. Today, Hyvinkää is home to a number of international companies, including Konecranes, a crane manufacturer; KONE Elevators, the world's third largest elevator and escalator manufacturer; and Ruokangas Guitars, the leading electric guitar maker in Finland.

Hyvinkää is also famous for some landmarks, such as the Hyvinkää Church, which was designed by Aarno Ruusuvuori and completed in 1961, and the Finnish Railway Museum, which houses a British Neilson and Company engine, whose service life, beginning in 1869, spanned as long as half of a century.

As the fastest growing city in the north of Uusimaa, Hyvinkää has attracted an increasing influx of tourists, investors and residents. Thanks to the high density of pine forests, Hyvinkää is endowed with great fresh air. In the 1980s, a group of doctors from Helsinki opened a sanatorium for patients seeking rest and recuperation. Tourist and recreational facilities are also omnipresent in Hyvinkää, including more than 90 venues for sports activities, such as ice skating rinks, archery centres, nature parks, wildlife reserves, ski resorts and race courses. Every summer, the annual beer festival held in Hyvinkää attracts many rock bands from across Scandinavia in addition to approximately 10,000 visitors.

The results of Finland's parliamentary election in 2011 shows that eight parties are active in the politics of Hyvinkää. Major parties include National Coalition Party (25.1%), Social Democratic Party (23.9%) and True Finns (22.4%).

Hyvinkää is also a great cradle of talent, having produced many internationally famed painters, philosophers, professional ice hockey players and singers.

In August 2009, Hyvinkää and the Chinese city of Kunshan signed an agreement to increase their bilateral exchanges and cooperation.

City center of Hyvinkää
Hyvinkää Church
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