Jeju South Korea

Jejuis the capital of the Jeju Special Autonomous Province (or Jeju-do) in South Korea. Situated at the heart of northern Jeju-do, Jeju City overlooks the Cheju Straitto its north and meets Seogwipo at the top of 1, 950m-high Hallasan to its south. With a population of 470, 778 (including foreign residents), the city is administratively divided into 19 neighborhoods (dong), 4 towns (eup), and 3 districts (myeon), occupying a combined area about 978.4 sq km (including 444.7 sq km of woodland and 270.3 sq km of farmland).

Jeju has a temperate monsoon climate with very long winters and much shorter springs and autumns. The city is quite wet with much rainfall from June to August, and is rich in aquatic resources.

Jeju is about 272km from Busan to its south;overlooks the East China Sea to its west;and faces the Japanese Tsushima Island (241 km away) to its east.

The coastal city of Jeju is the gateway of Jeju Island, playing a key role in its shipping and ocean transportation sector.

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