Vice Mayor : Xu Minzhong
Xu Minzhong
Vice Mayor Xu Minzhong is in charge of city planning and development, comprehensive city management, transportation, urban and rural landscaping, housing reform, civil defense, power supply, postal service, telecommunications, and work relating to earning honors from upper level governments. Vice Mayor Xu supervises the work of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau (Earthquake Bureau, Gardens and Greening Bureau), Planning Bureau, City Management Bureau (Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau), Transportation Bureau (Port Management Bureau), Civil Defense Bureau (People’s Air Defense Office), Power Supply Company, Postal Bureau, Telecommunications Bureau, Kunshan Branch of Suzhou Housing Provident Fund Management Center, Kunshan City Construction Investment Development Group Co. Ltd, and Kunshan Transportation Development Holding Group. Vice Mayor Xu is also in charge of the government relations with Kunshan Branch of China Mobile, Kunshan Branch of China Unicom, and Kunshan Branch of China Post.

Male and Han nationality, he was born in August 1968 in Kunshan, Jiangsu. He joined the CPC in July 1996 and started his career in August 1991. He obtained his master's degree from the Jiangsu Provincial Party School. His career history is chronicled below:

09/1988-07/1991: A student of finance at Jiangsu Academy of Economics & Finance (associate degree)
08/1991-10/1993: Business-based inspector, Kunshan Municipal Finance Bureau
10/1993-04/1995: Deputy Chief of Lujia Branch, Kunshan Accounting Firm
04/1995-11/1997: Chief of Business Finance Section, KETD Branch of the Kunshan Municipal Finance Bureau
11/1997-02/2000: Chief of Finance Dept., Bingxi Town, Kunshan
02/2000-03/2003: Deputy Chief of budget and public finance sections, Kunshan Municipal Finance Bureau
03/2003-02/2005: Director of General Office; Director of Settlement Center, Kunshan Municipal Finance Bureau. From Sept. 2002 to Dec. 2004, he also studied law at the Jiangsu Provincial Party School and obtained a bachelor's degree.
02/2005-11/2007: Director of the KETD Branch of Kunshan Municipal Finance Bureau
11/2007-12/2010: Deputy Party Chief and Mayor, Jinxi Town, Kunshan. From Sept. 2005 to Jul. 2008, he studied regional economics at the Jiangsu Provincial Party School and obtained a master's degree
12/2010-06/2011: Deputy Party Chief and Mayor, Bacheng Town
06/2011-10/2012: Party Chief, Dianshanhu Town
10/2012-01/2016: Party Chief, Dianshanhu Town (at the rank of division deputy head)
01/2016-03/2016: Deputy Party Chief of the CPC Working Committee and Vice Chairman of the Administrative Committee, KSND; Party Chief, Dianshanhu Town
03/2016-01/2017: Deputy Party Chief of the CPC Working Committee and Vice Chairman of the Administrative Committee, KSND
01/2017 till present: Vice Mayor and Member of the Leading Party Group of Kunshan Municipal Government
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