Vice Mayor : Li Hui
Li Hui
Vice Mayor Li Hui is in charge of government work in areas such as export-driven economy, education, civil affairs, commerce, overseas Chinese affairs, customs, quarantine and quality inspection, special industrial park development, local-foreign enterprises collaboration, government-military relationship, conscription, residential communities and the disabled, as well as for handling, on behalf of the Chinese side, work related to Duke Kunshan University. Vice Mayor Li supervises the work of Education Bureau, Civil Affairs Bureau, Commerce Bureau, Overseas Chinese Office, Customs, Bureau of Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine, Disabled Persons’ Federation, and assists in the work of the Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government. Vice Mayor Li is also in charge of the work related to local People’s Armed Forces Department and Kunshan Committee of the Communist Youth League.

Female and Han nationality, she was born in January 1970 in Huzhou, Zhejiang. She joined the CPC in March 2002 and started her career in August 1990. She holds a master's degree from Jiangsu Provincial Party School. Her career history is chronicled below:

09/1988-07/1990: A student of justice at Jiangsu Provincial Judicial School (diploma of specialized secondary school)
08/1990-02/1992: Court Clerk of the Luyang Division, Kunshan Municipal Court. From Sept.1991-Jul.1994, she studied in National Spare-time College for Court Officers (associate degree)
02/1992-07/1995: Court Clerk of the Administrative Division, Kunshan Municipal Court
07/1995-08/1997: Court Clerk of the Juvenile Division, Kunshan Municipal Court. From Sept.1995-Jul.1998, she received higher education for adults majoring law at Soochow University (Bachelor’s degree)
08/1997-01/1998: Assistant Judge of the Juvenile Division, Kunshan Municipal Court
01/1998-04/2000: Assistant Judge of the Yushan Division, Kunshan Municipal Court
04/2000-07/2001: Judge of Kunshan Municipal Court
07/2001-05/2002: Assistant of the Chief Judge of the KETD Division, Kunshan Municipal Court
05/2002-01/2003: Deputy Chief Judge of the KETD Division, Kunshan Municipal Court
01/2003-06/2005: Vice Chairwoman of Kunshan Women’s Federation
06/2005-01/2008: Deputy Director of Kunshan Bureau of Justice. From Sept. 2005-Jul. 2008, she studied regional economics at Jiang Provincial Party School (master’s degree)
01/2008-03/2011: Deputy Chief of Kunshan Municipal Procuratorate
03/2011-03/2016: Deputy Party Secretary of CPC Dianshanhu Committee, Township Mayor of Dianshanhu
03/2016-12/2017: Party Secretary of CPC Dianshanhu Committee
12/2017 till present: Vice Mayor and Member of the Leading Party Group of Kunshan Municipal Government
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