Kunshan Cultural Expo Center for Science and Technology

Kunshan Science and Culture Exhibition Center was launched in October 2001. Occupying an area of 30,000 sqm, the facility comprises an eastern main building, a western annex, a square and a sphere-shaped structure. Located in the city center of Kunshan, the landmark's unique architectural design is to project an image of a moon shining over mountains and flowing water.

The center houses three public exhibition spaces – respectively dedicated to local economic and social accomplishments; Kun Lun Tang Art Gallery; and achievements in Kunqu Opera protection and development. Open to the public for free, the center receives over 80,000 visits per annum as an important window to showcase local history, culture and social success.

The center is committed to serving the public by hosting more than cultural shows as well as exhibitions on popular science and technology every year, such as the concert by Ding Shande, the exhibitions of paintings and calligraphy works by Wang Yiting, Chinese coins and international printing and packaging.

Add: 109, Qianjin Middle Road, Kunshan, Jiangsu
Tel: 0512-57366102