The Venture Week Begins! Kunshan Launches a Joint Proposal to Attract Talents!

The opening ceremony of The 13th Venture Week for International Elites in Suzhou, Kunshan Event 2021 & The 5th Venture Week of Kunshan was held on July 11 in Kunshan Convention and Exhibition Center, attracting numerous scholars from home and abroad talking about innovation and seeking common development, including members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the African Academy of Sciences, renowned investment and financing institutions, technology achievement transformation agencies and talent technology collaboration firms. Leaders from the Newspaper of ZHONGGUO ZUZHIRENSHI BAO, Tsinghua University, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Wu Xinming, Secretary of the CPC Kunshan Municipal Committee, and Chen Liyan, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Kunshan Municipal Committee and Mayor of Kunshan, attended the opening ceremony.

Wu Xinming said that Kunshan now shoulders the heavy responsibility of “striving to be an example, a demonstration, and in the forefront”. As Kunshan focuses on building a benchmark city in the socialist modernization drive, it desperately needs continuous innovation and the intellectual support of talents. Kunshan will try its best to provide an enabling innovation environment to talents and further the construction of an innovation hub of industrial science and technology so as to fully unleash the potential of talents and promote innovation. Kunshan will try its best to provide attentive service to talents, develop the Kunshan “BEST” Service Brand and nurture a fertile land for talents and entrepreneurship. Kunshan will try its best to provide a livable environment to talents. With its excellent business environment and rich innovative culture, Kunshan hopes to attract more talents.

Overseas high-level talents including Academician Kenichi Ueda from the University of Tokyo, and Youngnam Han, Professor of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) send video messages to the opening ceremony. They look forward to deepening scientific and technological cooperation with Kunshan and promoting the transformation of achievements.

On top of the New Policy 4.0 on Talent and Science and Technology Innovation, we also issued four policies including Head Goose Talent, Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talent, Industry Talent and Highly Skilled Talent. The team led by Zhu Beiwei is awarded the Head Goose Talent Team and the Head Goose Talent Award goes to Fan Bin and Wang Hao. The opening ceremony also displayed key projects to be signed during the Venture Week of Kunshan, covering strategically emerging industries and future industries such as digital economy, biomedicine, aeronautics and astronautics, new energy and new material. These key projects has attracted 185 doctor-degree holders and 13.43 billion yuan of investment. 18 projects are led by academicians.

The Venture Week is a famous brand of Kunshan which aims to attract more talents. It is a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship for all scholars, entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders. This year’s event has attracted over 18,000 high level talents and signed nearly 1,200 projects. Under the theme of Empowering Kunshan through Talents and Pursuing Innovation-Driven Development, the Venture Week hosts 24 activities focusing on upgrading business-related services, attracting investment and businesses and speeding up the transformation into innovation-driven development.