Important Reminder of Epidemic Prevention and Control in Suzhou

Shanghai’s Youlu Apartment (No. 855 Cangfeng Road, Yongfeng Subdistrict, Songjiang District) was listed as a medium-risk area starting from 7 p.m., August 18. To effectively contain and reduce the transmission of the coronavirus, the followings are hereby specified:

1. For travelers coming to Suzhou from Shanghai without a travel history to medium-risk or high-risk areas, they will be allowed to travel within Suzhou in a free manner provided their personal travel records and health codes (Shanghai Health Code or Jiangsu Health Code) are green.

2. For those who have a travel history to medium-risk or high-risk areas in Shanghai, they should actively make self-declaration and strictly undergo 14-day medical observation at designated places (starting from the day they leave for Suzhou) plus 7-day health monitoring at home (at least three nucleic acid tests should be taken with at least 24 hours apart).

The aforementioned measures are subject to relevant national and provincial requirements should there be any.

Suzhou Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia

Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters Office

August 18, 2021