Chen Liyan


Division of Work

Chen Liyan presides over the overall work of the Government, andwork concerning finance and audit.      

Departments in charge: the General Office of the Government, the Finance Bureau (the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Office) and the Audit Bureau.


Chen Liyan, female, born in August 1978, is a postgraduate and a member of the CPC. She is Deputy Secretary of the CPC Kunshan Municipal Committee, Mayor ofKunshan Municipal People’s Government, Secretary of the Leading Party Members Group of Kunshan Municipal People’s Government, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Administrative Committee of Kunshan Economic and Technological Development Zone. She once served as division head and director of prefecture-level party committee, deputy head of prefecture-level mass organization department, member of the standing committee of county-level party committee, head of development zone above the provincial level, and deputy head of provincial mass organization department (temporary post) , etc.