Huang Naihong

Huang Naihong

Division of Work

Huang Naihong is in charge of the work on foreign affairs, Hong Kong and Macao affairs, education, Duke Kunshan University on behalf of the Chinese side, health care, medical security, etc.

Departments in charge: the Foreign Affairs Office, the Education Bureau, the Health Commission, the Medical Security Bureau, and the Duke Kunshan University Development and Promotion Center.

He also coordinates work with Kunshan Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Women’s Federation, the Overseas Chinese Federation, and the Red Cross Society.


Huang Naihong, male, born in November 1971, is an undergraduate, and a member of the CPC. He is Deputy Mayor and Member of the Leading Party Members’ Group of Kunshan Municipal People’s Government, a Level III Division Rank Official. He once served as deputy of a county-level municipal governmentdepartment, head of an internal authority of a development zone above the provincial level, town mayor, secretary of a CPC township committee, deputy of a development zone above the provincial level, a member of the standing committee of a county-level CPC municipal committee, deputy mayor (temporary post), and head of a county-level municipal governmentdepartment.