Shi Weihua

Shi Weihua

Division of Work

Shi Weihua is in charge of the work on public security, justice, legal affairs, letters and calls, social governance, new citizen affairs, “331”, and national security, etc.

Shi Weihua presides over the overall work of the Public Security Bureau.

Departments in charge: the Justice Bureau, the Bureau for Letters and Calls, New Citizen Affairs Center, and Comprehensive Command Center of Social Governance Modernization.

He also coordinates work with the Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau and the National Security Bureau.


Shi Weihua, male, born in April 1970, is a postgraduate of the Party School and a member of the CPC. He is Deputy Mayor and Member of the Leading Party Members’ Group of Kunshan Municipal People’s Government and Deputy Secretary of Kunshan Political and Legal Affairs Commission; Director, Secretary of the Party Committee, Inspector General of Police Affairs, and Senior Sergeant III of Kunshan Public Security Bureau; and Member of the Party Committee of Suzhou Public Security Bureau. He once served as deputy of a dispatched authority and head of an internal authority of a prefecture-level municipal government; deputy of a district-level government, and head of an authority of a district-level government.