Zhou Jichun


Division of Work

Zhou Jichun is in charge of urban and rural planning, housing and urban-rural development, landscaping, civil air defense, urban comprehensive management, transportation, water affairs, postal service, and communication, etc.

Departments in charge: the Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, the Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (Civil Air Defense Office), the Urban Management Bureau (Comprehensive Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau), the Transportation Bureau, the Water Affairs Bureau, City Construction Investment Development Group Co., Ltd, the Transportation Development Holding Group, and the Water Group.

He coordinates work with the Telecommunication Bureau, Kunshan Branch of China Post, Kunshan Branch of Suzhou Housing Provident Fund Management Center, Kunshan Branch of China Mobile, and Kunshan Branch of China Unicom.


Zhou Jichun, male, born in November 1970, is an undergraduate, and a member of the CPC. He is Deputy Mayor and Member of the Leading Party Members’ Group of Kunshan Municipal People’s Government, a Level III Division Rank Official. He once served as deputy of an internal authority of a development zone above the provincial level; deputy of a county-level municipal government department, head of a state-owned enterprise, and head of a county-level municipal governmentdepartment; deputy of a development zone above the provincial level, etc.