Cao Ye


Division of Work

Cao Ye is in charge of the work on commerce, finance, civil affairs, veterans affairs, people’s armed forces, Government-military relationship, the disabled, and market supervision and management (food and drug administration, intellectual property rights), etc.

Departments in charge: the Finance Work Office, the Commerce Bureau, the Civil Affairs Bureau, the Veterans Affairs Bureau, the Market Supervision and Management Bureau (the Intellectual Property Office), and Yangcheng Lake Culture, Commerce and Tourism Group Co., Ltd.

He also coordinates work with local People’s Armed Forces Department, the Disabled Persons’ Federation, Customs, Kunshan Branch of the People’s Bank of China, Kunshan Working Group of Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, Kunshan branches of various financial institutions, Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, and Kunshan Salt Industry Co., Ltd. .


Cao Ye, male, born in August 1982, is a postgraduate, and a member of the CPC. He is Deputy Mayor and Member of the Leading Party Members’ Group of Kunshan Municipal People’s Government. He once served as deputy principal staff member of a provincial financial management department, and deputy section chief, section chief and deputy of a financial management bureau of a prefecture-level city.