Shan Jie


Division of Work

Shan Jie is in charge of the work on agriculture and rural affairs, agriculture pilot zone, poverty alleviation, culture, radio and television, sports, tourism, supply and marketing, and meteorology, etc. He also coordinates work with emergency management.

Departments in charge: Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau (the Rural Development Bureau), the Bureau of Culture, Sports, Radio, Television and Tourism (the Bureau of Cultural Heritage), and the Supply and Marketing Cooperative.

Departments in assisting supervising: the Emergency Management Bureau.

He also coordinates work with Convergence Media Center, the Federation of Literary and Arts Circles, the Kunshan Branch of Jiangsu Broadcasting Cable Information Network Corporation, the Archives Bureau (the Local Chronicles Office) and the Meteorology Bureau.


Shan Jie, male, born in August 1971, is a postgraduate of the Party School and a member of the China National Democratic Construction Association. He is Deputy Mayor of Kunshan Municipal People’s Government, Vice Chairman of the Suzhou Committee of China National Democratic Construction Association. He once served as division head and deputy of a prefecture-level government department, deputy of a district-level government, and deputy of an administrative committee of a national-level development zone.