Cross-border Adoption

1. Transaction name: Registration of cross-border adoption and adoptive relationship cancellation

2. Department in charge: Jiangsu Provincial Service Center for Cross-border Marriage and Adoption

3. Promised completion deadline: within 2 working days

4. Legal completion deadline: within 2 working days

5. Charges:
1) Adoption registration fee: RMB 250
2) File submission fee: RMB 100 (Su Jia Fei Han [2009] No. 43)
3) Storage fee for the file of the adopted child: RMB 350 (Su Jia Fei Han [2009] No. 43)
4) Service fee for the transitional period: RMB 200 (Su Jia Fei Han [2009] No. 43)
5) Announcement fee: RMB 50 (Su Jia Fei Han [2009] No. 43)

6. Address: Changcheng Building, 82, Taiping North Road, Nanjing

7. Tel: 025-84403857; 025-84506777

8. Office hours: 8:30-11:30; 13:30-17:30, Monday to Saturday (excl. national holidays)

9. Legal basis Pursuant to Paragraph 2, Section 21 of the Adoption Law of the People's Republic of China (PRC), adoption by a foreigner in the PRC shall be reviewed and approved by the competent authorities of his/her home nation. The adopter shall present proof given by the authorities of his/her home nation that can evidence his/her age, marital status, occupation, wealth, health conditions as well as whether he/she has criminal records. Such proof shall be certified by the diplomatic authority or the body authorized by such diplomatic authority of his/her home country, as well as by the embassy or consulate of the PRC in his/her home country. The adopter shall enter into a written adoption agreement with the guardian and personally register the adoption with the provincial civil affairs department.

Pursuant to Section 28 of the Adoption Law of the PRC, if the adopter desires to cancel the adoption, he/she shall register such cancellation with the civil affairs department.

10. Qualifications
1) The adopter's passport and visa remains valid;
2) The adoption notice has not expired;
3) The adoption application is filled in as required.

11. Required papers
1) Adoption Notice
2) Original copy of the passport
3) Adoption Application

15. Procedure