Kunshan Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

1. Being responsible for the implementation of human resources and social security development plans, policies, laws and regulations released by provincial and central government; drafting development plans concerning human resources and social security in Kunshan; drafting government's regulations, notices and opinions concerning human resources and social security, as well as the implementation and supervision.

2. Promoting employment and providing services to start-ups; drafting relevant development plan and policies on employment and start-ups in urban and rural area; improving employment and start-ups service system; establishing employment aid system; being responsible for local employment, unemployment forecast and information guidance; taking prevention, adjustment and control measures to maintain stable employment; taking the lead in drafting local employment promotion policies for college graduates; drafting regulations to manage overseas talents in Kunshan.

3. Drafting development plans for Kunshan human resources market and policies of human resources flow, and being responsible for the implementation; establishing a standard, robust and unified human resources market to promote reasonable flow and effective allocation of human resources.

4. Being responsible for local human resources development; participating in talent management and drafting policies concerning the management and continuing education for professionals and technicians; taking the lead in promoting the reform on professional title system; being responsible for selecting, training and introducing high caliber professionals and technicians in Kunshan and improveing the management of post-doctoral scientific research stations; improving policies concerning professional qualification certificate system and seting up a vocational training system covering employees in urban and rural areas; jointly drafting training and motivation policies on talents with relevant authorities; drafting relevant work plans and policies concerning the introduction of overseas talents; being responsible for the management of foreign experts working in Kunshan, and being responsible for the acknowledgement of excellent foreign experts and giving honor and awards; being responsible for the management of Kunshan's overseas training programs.

5. Jointly managing civil servants in Kunshan with relevant authorities; organizing and implementing the recruitment, appointment, removal, resignation, dismissal, training, assessment and other work concerning civil servants affairs; jointly drafting and implementing government award programs with relevant authorities; being responsible for administrative appointment and removal of government employees in accordance with orders by both Kunshan People's Congress and Kunshan Municipal Government; drafting policies for reshuffle and employment policies for special personnel; jointly being responsible for personnel system reform of public institutions with relevant authorities; providing guidance and coordination on releasing job description, recruitment, and complete other relevant tasks; drafting management policies for public institutions personnel and be responsible for the implementation; jointly drafting management policies for public service personnel in government agencies and public institutions and be responsible for the implementation with relevant authorities; drafting implementation opinions concerning pay reform of public servants and government employees; establishing a mechanism of regular growth salary for public servants and employees in government authorities and enterprises; drafting welfare policies and being responsible for the implementation of retirement policies for public servants and employees in government authorities and enterprises.

6. Implementing China's laws, regulations and policies on reception and reemployment of former military officials; jointly drafting reemployment plans for demobilized military officials with relevant authorities; being responsible for reception and reemployment of former military officials; being responsible for continuing education and training for demobilized military officials; providing coordination on affairs concerning demobilized military officials working in enterprises; providing guidance on management and service to demobilized military officials who find jobs on their own.

7. Establishing overall social security and medical aid system covering both urban and rural areas; drafting and being responsible for the implementation of the social insurance and supplementary insurance policies covering urban and rural areas in accordance with relevant standards; drafting basic old-age insurance policies covering government authorities, public institutions and enterprises; drafting regulations on management of medical insurance and work-related injury insurance rating agencies and settlement; jointly drafting management and supervision regulations on social insurance and its supplementary insurance funds with relevant authorities; formulating draft budgets and final accounts of social insurance funds; being responsible for forecast, early warning and public information issues of social insurance fund and formulating contingency plans; maintaining overall balance between incomes and expenditures of social insurance funds.

8. Being responsible for overall implementation of laws and regulations concerning labor and personnel disputes arbitration, labor relations and labor supervision; improving the coordination mechanism for labor relations; supervising the implementation of the policies concerning child labor and special labor protection laws and regulations for female and workers between 16-18 years old; being responsible for labor supervision and providing coordination for the work labor rights protection; investigating major cases and giving penalties in accordance with relevant laws; improving the complaint processing mechanism for human resources and social security authorities; implementing State and provincial policies and plans concerning migrant workers; offering coordination service in solving key problems and safeguard legal rights and interests of migrant workers.

9. Undertaking publicity, training, statistics and administrative work of social security and human resources authority; establishing the information network of human resources and social security in Kunshan; releasing regularly statistical communiqué, information and development forecast report concerning human resources and social security affairs.

10. Providing guidance on human resources and social security work in towns and development zones, affiliated agencies, academies, and associations.

11. Undertaking other tasks assigned by Kunshan Municipal Government.

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