Kunshan Municipal Sports Bureau

1. The Kunshan Municipal Sports Bureau is an affiliate to the municipal government responsible for administering mass sports, competitive sports, sport facilities and sports-related business activities. Over the years, under the leadership of the CPC Kunshan Municipal Committee and the municipal government, the bureau has strengthened the administration and improved its service for mass sports and fitness, while having enhanced infrastructure for competitive and mass sports, which has facilitated the healthy development of sports in the city.

2. Implementing national guidelines and polices on sports; enforcing the Law of the People's Republic of China on Physical Culture and Sports and relevant laws and regulations; and conducting research and drafting regulatory policies on sports, work outing and implementing corresponding measures.

3. Promoting sports reform, researching on and developing sports strategies; formulating annual, medium- and long-term sports development plans, organizing and supervising plan implementation; and sharing good practices;

4. Guiding and coordinating city-wide sports development; guiding, supervising and working together with other departments, sectors and social organizations in holding sporting events; organizing, guiding and promoting national fitness programs; and encouraging sports and fitness among the general public;

5. Unifying planning for sports developing; implementing scientific principles in training; researching on and guiding amateur training; developing young athletic talent and grooming outstanding talent for national teams; and improving the city's performance in sports;

6. Being responsible for various levels of sports competitions held in the city; hosting international and national competitions; and guiding, coordinating and supervising sports competitions below the municipal level;

7. Organizing and guiding research and publicity of sports; working with relevant departments to strengthen research and education of sports; and training sports officials and professionals;

8. Evaluating and certifying referees, athletes and sports instructors;

9. Planning and managing the sports budget; and working with relevant departments in planning and coordination of construction of sport facilities;

10. Developing the sports industry and regulating the sports market; implementing national economic guidelines and policies, and conducting researching on and drafting support policies on sports, fitness, competition, training, technical information, sports-related business activities and sports market; developing certification and licensing procedures for entry into sports business; conducting research and proposing sport-specific administration criteria and rules; administering and supervising sports-related business activities; and overseeing the issuance and management of sports lottery;

11. Providing guidance for the local sports federation and assisting it in guiding the operations of other sports associations;

12. Administering the bureau's affiliated organizations;

13. Dealing with responsibilities assigned by the municipal CPC committee, the municipal government and sports departments at higher levels.

Add: Aquatic Center, Kunshan Sports Center, 368, Gongqing Road, Kunshan
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