Kunshan Entry/Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau

1. Enforcing quarantine laws, regulations, policies as well as their implementation rules relating to health, plants, animals, imported and exported goods; and performing quarantine, inspection, certification and supervision within its jurisdiction;

2. Carrying out exit/entry inspection and quarantine, infectious disease monitoring and health supervision; preventing and controlling infectious diseases; vaccinating inbound and outbound passengers and performing health checks;

3. Performing inspection and quarantine of inbound/outbound animals, plants and other relevant goods; monitoring and investigating plant/animal epidemics; implementing urgent preventive measures against plant/animal epidemics;

4. Performing legally required inspection, quarantine, supervision and management of inbound/outbound goods (including food products); inspecting the packaging conditions of outbound hazardous goods; certifying inbound/outbound goods and foreign investors' capital;

5. Performing health and quarantine registration for the organizations that manufacture (farm or grow), process and warehouse imported/exported food products, plant/animal products and other products; performing registration of outbound goods and the safe quality certification of imported goods;

6. Inspecting and certifying inbound civilian goods pursuant to the national import license system, as well as outbound and transit goods;

7. Performing inspection, quarantine and supervision of the transport tools and containers of inbound and outbound goods; inspecting and certifying the cargo worthiness of such transportation tools; removing health hazards from the transportation tools, containers, packaging and cushion materials of inbound/outbound goods as well as other relevant goods;

8. Issuing exit/entry inspection and quarantine certificates and seal labels, inspecting and administering the use of such certificates and labels; issuing Generalized System of Reference Certificates of Origin and certificates of origin;

9. Being responsible for the bureau's personnel management, education & training, foreign affairs, science & technology, finance, infrastructure development, materials management, discipline inspection, audit as well as ethical and political education;

10. Dealing with other work assigned by the Jiangsu Provincial Exit/Entry Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

Add: 318, East Xinnan Road, KETD, Kunshan
Tel: 0512-50351999
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