Kunshan Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs

1. Developing and formulating medium and long-term development plans and annual work plans of civil affairs; implementing work plans and policies in civil affairs; drafting and promoting the implementation of relevant documents and regulations; providing guidance for the reform and development of civil affairs industry.

2. Taking charge of registration and management of social organizations and multi-region organizations; being responsible for supervision and management of all sorts of foundations in Kunshan; supervising activities of social organizations, to investigate and give penalties to illegal activities of registered organizations as well as unregistered organizations that hold activities in the name of registered organizations.

3. Taking charge of registration and management of private non-profitable organizations; developing and formulating policies concerning fee standard and financial management; carrying out investigation and giving penalties to illegal activities of private non-profitable organizations as well as unregistered private non-profitable organizations.

4. Being responsible for the affairs of preferential treatment, compensating and martyrs; carrying out inspection and urging the implementation of the treatment; undertaking disability evaluation, the procedure of rank adjustment and business management; taking charge of the work of martyrs and the management of martyrs memorial constructions.

5. Undertaking routine work of the leading group office of Double Support; being responsible for the coordination of Double Support affairs, civilian-military relation as well as relations between armed forces and the local government.

6. Taking charge of reception and reemployment of ex-servicemen, as well as the reception of retired military officials and civilian staff employed by the military; providing guidance and coordination for military marching and provide service to the communities of retired military officials; providing guidance for hybrid talent cultivation for both military and civilian.

7. Organizing disaster relief; checking, reporting and releasing disaster information and formulating relief plan; managing and distributing disaster relief funds and supplies; taking charge of the acceptance, management and distribution of domestic and overseas funds and supplies; organizing and carrying out donations; carrying out inspection and supervision of the funds use and supplies; providing guidance and coordination on post-disaster recovery and reconstruction.

8. Establishing the guaranteed minimum income (GMI) system and ensuring its implementation for both urban and rural residents; drafting regulations for the system, and urging and supervising the use of the GMI funds.

9. Being responsible for the work relating to basic living allowance for underprivileged families in urban and rural areas; providing guidance on the work of providing "five-guarantee" to underprivileged households in rural areas (guaranteed food and clothing supply, medical care service, basic living facilities, guaranteed burial service to the elder and education to kids) and to the establishment and management of nursing homes; providing guidance for the management of the charity house of Kunshan; taking charge of routine work of Kunshan Charity Federation.

10. Developing and formulating the development and work plan for local communities; drafting relevant policies and measures for the development of communities; providing guidance and coordination on community service and management, promoting communities' development and market-oriented community service.

11. Formulating a development plan for local social welfare programs and promote its fulfillment; providing guidance on the management of social welfare organizations; being in charge of the license and authorization of non-governmental welfare organizations; pushing forward market-oriented social welfare; providing guidance and coordination on the establishment of the elder care service network; providing guidance and coordination on the work relevant to "five-guarantee households", underprivileged families and vulnerable groups to protect their rights and interests.

12. Acknowledging social enterprises in accordance with relevant standard, and being responsible for the implementation of supportive policies; taking charge of the management of local social enterprises; implementing policies and regulations of welfare lottery and being responsible for management of issuing welfare lottery.

13. Developing and formulating opinions and suggestions on strengthening and improving the community-level administration and structure; giving guidance on community-level and village-level elections, democratic administration and supervision; giving guidance to community-level and village-level self-governance activity practices; promoting democracy at community-level and village-level.

14. Developing and formulating overall planning of local administrative division; drafting normative documents concerning the management of local administrative division; taking charge of verification and report of establishment, revocation, adjustment, renaming, change of the boundary lines of administrative division of towns and villages (residences) as well as relocation of town halls; organizing and coordinating surveys of the boundary lines of local administrative division; taking charge of management of boundary lines and boundary markers; participating in the investigation and mediation of border disputes.

15. Drafting local regulations concerning the management of geographic names in Kunshan; being responsible for the management of geographic names in Kunshan; being responsible for the naming and renaming of local places; establishing and managing unified place name signs; maintaining uniformity and compliance of geographic name and name signs usage throughout inspection and supervision; carrying out research and collect files on geographic names; managing these files and the geographic names information system.

16. Providing guidance on the management of marriage registration and provide consultancy services on marriage registration involving foreigners and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan citizens.

17. Taking charge of registration of children adoption, including adoption cases involving foreigners; being responsible for the social aid to the homeless and beggars in urban areas and provide guidance on the management of salvation stations.

18. Developing and formulating the reform and development policies for funeral procedures and promote funeral procedures reform; providing guidance on the management of death care industry.

19. Developing and formulating the development plans and policies related to the ageing and aged care, and drafting relevant implementing measures; carrying out decisions made by Kunshan Ageing and Aged Care Commission and supervising, urging and inspecting the implementation; collecting necessary information concerning the work on ageing and aged care; providing guidance on protection of legitimate rights and interests of the aged.

20. Provide guidance on the finance of local civil affairs; supervising and manage the expenditure of relevant funds; taking charge of the financial management of affiliated organizations and assets management of civil affairs authorities.

21. Being responsible for administrative reviews concerning civil affairs; taking charge of complaint processing involving civil affairs; taking the responsibility of international exchanges and cooperation involving civil affairs, participating in foreign affairs involving civil affairs.

Undertaking other tasks assigned by CPC Kunshan Municipal Committee, Kunshan Municipal Government and higher level authorities of civil affairs.

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