Kunshan Education Bureau

1. Implementing the central leadership's policies, laws and regulations related to education; being responsible for formulating and supervising the execution of guidelines and measures for local education; being responsible for supervision and providing guidance on local education.

2. Developing and issuing the educational strategies for Kunshan and promoting the reform of the education system and school-running system; formulating and implementing the development program and annual plans for local education.

3. Being responsible for management in basic education (including pre-school education), vocational education, adult education, community education, non-government schools, local higher education, education for the children of migrant workers, etc.; performing guidance and coordination on educational affairs among townships (districts) and relevant departments in Kunshan, and carrying out assessments and inspections on education.

4. Jointly formulating guidelines and policies with relevant departments on educational fund-raising, school fees, education appropriation, investment in educational infrastructure, etc.; being responsible for providing guidance, management and supervision on collection and expenditure of funds; arranging municipal budget for education, public education surcharge, local public education surcharge, funds for teachers' continuing education and other funds under municipal management; managing and allocating education funds; auditing and supervising fund use of institutions and organizations affiliated to education bureau; managing domestic and overseas aids and loans on education in accordance with relevant regulations.

5. Being responsible for the planning and guidance for the development of faculty teams at all local schools; in charge of the employment of tuition-free graduates from normal universities, certification of teacher's qualification, salary, titles, rewards and punishment to faculty, the appointment and removal of officials of schools and public educational institutions and work related to teachers' retirement; providing guidance for the reform of human resources in public schools; being responsible for and provide guidance for teachers' continuing education and officials' training.

6. Being in charge of diploma compensation education and continuing education, national diploma examination and recruitment of schools at all levels; taking charge of residents' examination of general foreign languages and computer skills; taking charge of training, examination and assessment of teachers' teaching skills with modern technology, and foreign languages proficiency.

7. Taking charge of discipline inspection and administrative supervision of the schools and institutions affiliated to Education Bureau in accordance with the guidance of the CPC Kunshan Commission for Discipline Inspection (Kunshan Supervisory Bureau); providing assistance to the CPC Municipal Commission and Township Commissions for Discipline Inspection on discipline inspection and administrative supervision in local education system.

8. Being responsible for moral education, teaching practices, research in education scientific, physical education and school health, aesthetic education, youth labor skills training, national defense education as well as environmental protection education in schools at all levels in Kunshan.

9. Taking charge of affairs related to the CPC, Communist Youth League, social organizations and the united front of the branches under the CPC Kunshan Education Bureau Committee; offering guidelines to the organization work of educational academies, associations, institutes and so on.

10. Jointly managing foreign invested schools in Kunshan and carrying out international exchange and cooperation concerning education.

11. Managing and coordinating affairs related to spoken and written languages; providing guidance for the standardization of written languages; supervising and inspecting the compliance of spoken and written languages; taking charge of the promotion of mandarin and Putonghua Proficiency Test in Kunshan.

12. Carrying out overall planning and providing guidance for education practices and construction of school facilities; supervising and managing education assets such as school buildings and lands.

13. Undertaking other tasks assigned by CPC Kunshan Municipal Committee, Kunshan Municipal Government and upper level authorities.

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