Kunshan National Taxation Bureau

1. Enforcing taxation laws, regulation and policies as well as provincial and municipal policies and developing locally relevant implementation rules;

2. Developing the city's collection plans for municipal taxes; measuring tax collection performance; and fulfilling municipal tax collection targets;

3. Managing the collection of municipal taxes by the city's municipal taxation system as well as the collection of funds and fees as mandated by the local government;

4. Developing a mature and effective system for the collection of municipal taxes pursuant to taxation laws and strengthening the supervision of tax law enforcement;

5. Inspecting and supervising the compliance of local taxation bodies, personnel and other relevant organizations with tax laws, regulations and policies; supervising the compliance of taxpayers with national tax laws, regulations and policies;

6. Auditing the city's collection of municipal taxes;

7. Dealing with local administrative review requests and lawsuits associated with municipal taxes and strengthening the legal framework of taxation;

8. Carrying out outreach activities to increase public awareness of tax compliance; creating an enabling tax environment; researching tax policies to follow tax trends; and organizing taxpayer service activities;

9. Managing the city's local taxation system's work on HR, social security, compensation, ethical and political education, continuing education and discipline inspection;

10. Developing the IT competence of the local taxation system; formulating and implementing modernization plans; and developing tax IT systems;

11. Dealing with other work assigned by higher government bodies.

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