Town of Dianshanhu

The town of Dianshanhu acquired its name from Dianshan Lake (hu). Located in the southeast of Kunshan, Dianshanhu is surrounded by Yingpu Sub-district of Qingpu, Shanghai to its east, the town of Zhujiajiao of Qingpu, Shanghai to its south, and natural Dianshan Lake to its southwest, the ancient town of Jinxi to its west, and the ancient town of Qiandeng to its north. With its superior location, Dianshanhu is only 23 km away from the Hongqiao transportation hub, 37 km from the city center of Shanghai, and 80 km from the Pudong International Airport. By car, it is only 10 minutes away from expressways G1501 and G50 as well as from Line 17 of the Shanghai metro system.

Dianshanhu covers an area of 65.79 sq km, 14 km of which is covered by water bodies. Within its jurisdiction, there are 10 administrative villages and 7 community administrative committees. It officially registers 25,000 people as local residents, in addition to 54,000 migrants. In 1994, Dianshanhu was selected as a model in town planning and development by the State Council into its white paper China's Population, Environment and Development in the 21st Century. Thereafter, it successively won a number of other honors, including "National Healthy Town", "Jiangsu Garden Town", "China's Capital of Folk Culture and Art (Opera)" and "National Garden Town".

Leveraging its proximity with Shanghai and the natural lake, Dianshanhu has been growing its service sector to lead its economic growth, while transforming its manufacturing sector and strengthening its tourism industry. With balance and sustainability in mind, Dianshanhu has successfully balanced its social and economic development with its population growth, resource and environmental constraint. In 2015, Dianshanhu reported RMB 8.35 billion in GDP; RMB 920 million in fiscal income; RMB 4 billion in value added to the service sector; RMB 18.5 billion in industrial output. Compared with 2010, these four economic numbers respectively increased 75%, 123%, 120% and 50%. It has attracted a number of reputable companies, including Vipshop, Digital China and EVOC, which has helped optimize the local economic structure, quality and efficiency. In 2015, the value added of the service sector and the fiscal income surpassed 50% and 10% of the local GDP for the first time.

Dianshanhu has been implementing the "harmonious and natural" concept in its development and pursuing the goal of transforming the town into a green, ecological and modern place. In an enterprising, practical and innovative spirit, Dianshanhu is committed to building an attractive town featuring a technology-driven economy, an ecological environment, a leisurely lifestyle and professional administrative services.

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