No.7 [2021] Notice on Epidemic Prevention and Control of Suzhou(ENG&JPN)

To coordinate epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development, and take targeted measures in order to do a good job in regular epidemic prevention and control, this notice hereby specifies the followings:

1. We call on local residents to increase awareness of personal protection. Please keep good hygiene habits, for instance wearing masks, washing hands frequently, ventilating rooms often, keeping social distancing, using serving spoons and chopsticks, and paying attention to cough etiquette. Avoid hanging out together and cancel unnecessary gatherings.

2. Enterprises and public institutions (including public service institutions and business venues) should shoulder the main responsibility for epidemic prevention. They should carry out regular prevention and control measures as per Guidelines on Regular Epidemic Prevention and Control for Key Locations, Organizations and Population Groups (August 2021 Edition) issued by the State Council during their operation. Closed-loop management should be imposed on key locations, organizations and population groups concerning all the people, articles and environment. Frontline practitioners should strictly adhere to protection requirements, such as wearing masks, taking the vaccination, disinfecting routinely, and intensify relevant prevention measures, for instance health monitoring, nucleic acid testing, emergency responding.

3. Events that involve large gatherings of people should be held in accordance with regulations. Those who hold or organize the event should assume full responsibility for it. They should strictly implement precise epidemic prevention measures, keep the event on a reasonable scale, remind the participants to practice social distancing throughout the event, control the flow of people in an orderly manner, and reduce gatherings effectively.

4. All residents in Suzhou should pay close attention to the updates of medium-risk and high-risk areas, plan their trips properly and avoid traveling to those areas.

5. For those coming or returning to Suzhou with a travel history (including transit) in the past 14 days to medium-risk or high-risk areas, or to the cities (or districts of municipalities directly under the central government) with medium-risk or high-risk areas, please take the initiative to report to local residing communities (villages) and their employers, and cooperate in information registration and corresponding medical management measures.

6. All residents in Suzhou should monitor personal health condition closely. When symptoms such as fever, dry cough, sore throat, nasal congestion, nasal discharge, conjunctivitis (pink eye), muscle pain, changed sense of smell or taste, diarrhea show, residents in Suzhou should seek medical treatment at a nearby fever clinic with proper self-protection measures. Please keep face masks on and avoid using public transport when seeking treatment.

Local authorities and government departments should urge localities, departments, organizations and individuals to bear their responsibilities and build the safety network against the epidemic across the city.

Suzhou Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia

Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters

August 21, 2021