Poly International Cinema
Poly International Cinema

The Poly International Cinema, housed in the Kunshan Culture and Art Center, is one of the major venues of culture, art and recreation for citizens of Kunshan, together with the Poly Grand Theater, Kunshan Library, Kunshan Sports Center and the Kunshan Forest Park. It forms part of main structures of the Kunshan Culture and Art Center funded by the Kunshan Municipal Government. With a floor space of 13,000 sqm, the cinema houses eight deluxe screening rooms (including an IMAX auditorium) that can accommodate 1,100 people. The only cinema equipped with IMAX projection system in Kunshan, it is committed to promoting a new movie culture and creating a state-of-the-art experience enhanced by world-class equipment and superior services.

All of the auditoriums are installed with state-of-the-art projection and sound systems, such as Dolby Digital (aka SRD), JBL premium sound systems, Crown power amplifiers and Belden speaker cables. The IMAX auditorium features an exclusive customized design with a huge 26m x 14m Harkness Perlux high gain screen, which offers stunningly high-definition pictures and lifelike feelings. Such visual effects amplified by great sound effects create a movie-watching experience like never before.

Website: http://www.polycinemas.com/website/index.jsp
Address: 1850, Qianjin West Road, Kunshan
Tel.: 0512-55135513