Shen Yiping

Shen Yiping

Division of Work

Shen Yiping administers the regular work of the Government, and work on development and reform, natural resources, emergency management, state-owned assets management, statistics, taxation, administrative examination and approval, government affairs service administration, transparency of government affairs, major projects, government offices administration, grain and reserves, the Yangtze River Delta Integration, and the construction and promotion of Kunshan Pilot Zone, etc.

Departments in charge: the General Office of the Government, the Development and Reform Commission, the Natural Resources and Planning Bureau (the Forestry Bureau), the Emergency Management Bureau, the Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau (the Government Affairs Service Administration Office), the Statistics Bureau, the Government Offices Administration Center, Kunshan Chuangye Holding Group Co., Ltd, and Rural Construction Group Co., Ltd.

Departments in assisting supervising: Finance Bureau (the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Office), the Audit Bureau.

He also coordinates work with the Protocol Office, the Taxation Bureau, Kunshan Power Supply Company, and Kunshan Investigation Team of the National Bureau of Statistics.


Shen Yiping, male, born in April 1972, is a postgraduate of the Party School and a member of the CPC. He is Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Kunshan Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor and Deputy Secretary of the Leading Party Members Group of Kunshan Municipal People’s Government. He once served as deputy and head of a county-level municipal government department, Secretary of a CPC township committee, deputy mayor of a county-level city, deputy of a development zone above the provincial level, and a member of the standing committee of a county-level CPC municipal committee.