Qian Xudong

Qian Xudong

Division of Work

Qian Xudong is in charge of the work on information technology (big data management), credit system development, talent and sci-tech innovation, industrial economy, private economy, human resources and social security, and ecological environment, etc.

Departments in charge: the Big Data Management Center, the Science and Technology Bureau, the Industry and Information Technology Bureau, the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security (Human Resources Market), and Kunshan Industrial Technology Research Institute.

He also coordinates work with the Taiwan Affairs Office, the Association for Science and Technology, the General Labor Union, the Federation of Industry and Commerce and the Ecological Environment Bureau.


Qian Xudong, male, born in August 1970, a postgraduate student of the Party School, a member of the CPC. He is Deputy Mayor and Member of the Leading Party Members’ Group of Kunshan Municipal People’s Government. He once served as head of a county-level municipal public institution, head of a subordinate unit of a municipal government department, deputy and head of a municipal government department, etc.