Kunshan Branch of China Service Center for Scholarly Exchange Approved to Set Up

The Ministry of Education has approved to set up the Kunshan branch of China Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE) recently, the first one of the same kind among all county-level cities.

Kunshan has always attached great importance to serving overseas returnees. Back to 1993, Kunshan Service Center for Overseas Returnees was established to explore how to provide overseas returnees with comprehensive services. In 2017, Kunshan ramped up efforts and set aside 2 billion yuan as a special fund for talents and technology to create favorable environment for innovation and entrepreneurship.

According to incomplete statistics, in Kunshan there are 2500 registered companies that are founded by overseas returnees, mainly in the areas of electronics, biomedicine, new material and new energy.

With the authorization of the Ministry of Education, the Kunshan branch of China Service Center for Scholarly Exchange can provide various services like academic degree attestation, employment and settlement, transfer and reception of education archives, guidance on innovation and entrepreneurship, job fair, etc. Apart from this, the Kunshan branch also takes account of its own conditions and will offer services such as academic exchanges, identification registration, job recommendation, professional title appraisal, children’s entrance, innovation and entrepreneurship fund application and so on.

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