Seventy-one years from now, Kunshan was liberated!

May 13th, 2020 marks the 71st anniversary of the liberation of Kunshan city. On the morning, the national-flag raising ceremony was held at the City Plaza to celebrate the liberation, mourn the revolutionary martyrs, recall the glorious history and eulogize the better life in the new era. Officials and citizens in Kunshan were encouraged to be pioneers in high-quality development and in the modernization drive. Leaders from Kunshan Municipal People’s Government and Kunshan departments, representatives of veterans, martyrs’ families, soldiers, polices, urban management officers, teachers, students, and the masses from all walks of life attended the ceremony.

On May 12th of 1949, after completing all preparations to liberate Shanghai, the Chinese People's Liberation Army launched the peripheral war of Shanghai—Kunshan liberation battle.

By the dawn of May 13th, the battle to liberate Kunshan ultimately triumphed. With more than 2000 enemies annihilated or captured, the whole city was liberated. On May 13th of 1949, the CPC Kunshan Committee and the Kunshan Municipal People's Government entered the city and took it over officially. Since then, people of Kunshan were liberated and became masters of their own affairs. Kunshan, an ancient city with more than 2000-years history, has moved onto a new historical stage of development.

Looking back, the past days were glorious and memorable; looking ahead, the future is even brighter and more promising.


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